Bartending School in Philadelphia & NJ

At Mixology Wine, we have a very diverse group of students, from college students, to construction workers, to athletes, and they're all very different personalities, from 18-70+, with very different ways of expressing themselves. Bars themselves, also have a personality, a feeling, and an experience they're trying to convey, from a cool, dark, beer bar with amazing mussels, to a tucked away craft cocktail bar with 1920s glassware, or a fast dynamic nightclub with fire breathing flair bartenders.

The Mission of Mixology Wine is to provide you with the foundation to really express who you are, through where you work. When you've got the fundamentals of bartending mastered to a very high level, you can just relax, focus on your customers, and help them express who they are.  Give them something they've never tried, but you know they'd love.  Introduce them to someone.  Be friends with them for life. Training is what makes it all possible. And it's what we do the best. Be friends with them for life.

Philadelphia Bartending School


Welcome to the Mixology Wine Institute of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania web site. Serving the greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area, the Main Line, West Chester, Norristown, King of Prussia, and the northern part of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs: Bucks County, New Hope, Yardley.

We're very proud to say that we've been training and placing students in our Philadelphia location since 1992.

New Jersey Bartending School

Yes, we also have a bartending school in New Jersey! With our location in Cherry Hill, NJ, we serve the Greater Philadelphia market.

Our staff has many years of experience bartending in some of Philadelphia's best establishments. The Institute has placed graduates throughout Philadelphia and the Northern and Western suburbs in great bartending jobs.

ronBlackAndWhiteThe Mixology Wine Institute's teaching has years of experience in bartending & management. They are dedicated to preparing our students to be the best. In addition to the copyrighted textbook, you will learn the "tricks of the trade" from our highly qualified instructors who have years of Mixology/bartending experience.
Our school director, Ariella Geshury, has been training and placing Philadelphia bartenders since 1992. She has over 20 years of experience as a bartender and a director.

If you are considering attending bartending school in the Philadelphia/Metropolitan area you owe it to yourself to visit our school and talk with us personally about our school and how we can help you get started in your new bartending career!

Why Attend the Mixology Wine Institute?

  • What no other bartending school will teach you-73 hours of intense hands on training.
  • The ultimate flexible schedule. Combine day, evening and weekend classes with ease.
  • Personal Job Placement by Liz, a Yale graduate that gets paid when you find a job. Learn what bar managers really want and how to get hired ahead of people with years of experience.
  • The secrets of customer psychology, getting them to come back only to you. Learn the one thing a woman can wear that's proven to increase her tips %17, regardless of how she looks.
  • The only bartending school in the tri state that offers on site ServSafe training by the Restaurant Association.
  • The only bartending school that teaches Working Flair the European way, by Luciano, designed to look great as you work fast.
  • Wine by Ron, our Sommelier from Le Bec Fin with 33 years of experience. Learn the language of wine, and how to talk about it, to dominate wine sales in your bar.
  • Beer training by Kyle, a Cicerone trained brewing expert who will have you tasting beers from all over the world and will get you ready to serve Philly's demanding beer clientele.
  • Hands on externship with 12 bars to choose from in PA and NJ. Build up your resume, make money, and eliminate your fear when you see that the real world is just like the classroom.
  • Master the techniques of speed and consistency that take other Bartenders years of trial and error.

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